IDI INFOTECH, a Coimbatore, India, based SEO company, specialists in white hat SEO; offers expert seo services, link building services with guaranteed top 10 ranking in search engines at affordable prices in Coimbatore , Chennai, Bangalore , Hyderabad , and other leading cities in India , USA and Abroad.

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SEO Company Bangalore

SEO Company, SEO Experts in Bangalore, SEO Specialist Bangalore, India - IDI INFOTECH

SEO Company Bangalore , SEO Experts Bangalore, SEO Specialist in Bangalore, Professional and Expert SEO Services India - IDI INFOTECH
IDI INFOTECH is a leading SEO Company and SEO Experts in Bangalore, providers of Top SEO, Best SEO Services in Bangalore, We are a SEO Specialist Offer Cheap SEO Packages, Professional Search Engine Optimization Services in Cost effective prices , Web Designing, Web Development, Internet Marketing , Online Marketing Services to clients across all business sectors and companies in Bangalore.

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Keyword research and competitive analysis

This step helps research your market, competition and highlight the keywords that will give you the best ROI

Optimization of website structure and content

It involves the process of making your website and copy search engine friendly so that you can increase your returns from the traffic you start to receive. Here simplicity scores over fancy design. A search engine friendly website is easy to navigate, uses text links for navigation rather than flash menus and scores high on usability.

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Why Us?

Why SEO Company

Why work with us more than everyone else in the SEO arena. Here is a list of explanations;

1. We quickly acquire to the position with you regarding your website and its market place

2. We don’t make difficult things and stump you with industry terminology and not desired seo reports/proposals that send you to sleep.

3. We make use of white hat, ethical techniques and DO NOT use paid links or automated content networks or link farms. All of our links and submitted by human hand.

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Internet Marketing

With a rising number of surfers using search engines to access websites, it is crucial for websites to establish their presence in outstanding search engines such as Google.

Internet marketing is a mechanism where companies can take lead of search engines to market and promote their websites. It is the process of civilizing site traffic and positioning a website in search engine listings by making use of a permutation of techniques (such as keyword analysis, link building etc), and relevant technical expertise.

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This is a list of clientele and bands we've worked with in one competence or a different. The majority of the brands took on us specifically to maintain Search Engine Optimization and Marketing needs. A not many of the brands listed here. We’ve worked with or for sustaining a number of clients not listed within this list.

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SEO Services

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is the means of recognizing keywords and phrases that are most frequently searched for, in various search engines, and picking up from amongst them, the keywords that are least used by competitors. Working in close coordination with our clients, we classify, evaluate and generate a list of possible keywords that can be used to gain targeted traffic.

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We offer following SEO Services in Bangalore :

Keyword Analysis in Bangalore

Best and Expert SEO Services in Bangalore; we wre offering Target Keyword Analysis services. Keyword analysis is the means of recognizing keywords and phrases that are most frequently searched for, in various search engines, and picking up from amongst them, the keywords that are least used by competitors. Working in close coordination with our clients, we classify, evaluate and generate a list of possible keywords that can be used to gain targeted traffic.

Link Building Services in Bangalore

A leading SEO Company in Bangalore, we are proving quality link building services. Link building is the method of rising the link recognition of a website i.e. ever-increasing the number of links pointing to the website from other websites, which in turn, will lead to an increase in site traffic and visibility in search engines.


Sitemaps are a way to inform search engines about all the web pages within a website that are on hand for crawling. It is an XML file containing a list of URLs and additional information about each URL, such as time stamp of last update, rate of change and its relative importance within the website. The target of sitemap submission is to reduce the time between releasing updated and new content and the bring back by a search engine crawler.

Website Optimization in Bangalore

Features such as usability; navigation, content etc play a key role in generating traffic to a website. Our SEO grew evaluate, calculate, and optimize the website against the variety of features so as to boost site traffic. Web analytics software is used to analyze the performance of users within a website and identify problems areas thereby enabling appropriate corrective action to be taken. Website optimization engages optimizing page weight to ensure sooner loading time which in turn will lead to more figure of users accessing the site. Search engines locate it tricky to index web pages that rely heavily on the use of frames and flash animations to display content. In such cases we either present to rework the website without making much use of frames and flash or we propose clients a work-around solution wherein the text contained in the flash animations and framesets is used to create additional HTML pages thereby enabling the website to be crawled and indexed against those pages.

RSS Feeds

A part of our efficient search engine optimization tactic is to build use and take advantage of RSS feeds in distributing content. Well managed and optimized RSS feeds permit web sites to initiate site traffic and increase website ranking and exposure.

Multilingual SEO Services in Bangalore

As a SEO Company in Bangalore; we are providing Multilingual SEO Services. In order to allow companies to reach out to a superior non-English talking audience base, websites need to be optimized for multilingual search engines. Translation is one of the key tasks in Multilingual Search Engine Optimization as it makes possible websites to be easily found in localized search engines. Instead of literal translations, specific rules of each language are applied and keywords are translated to actual popular industry specific keywords established in each country. The wide-ranging multilingual keyword research conducted by IDISEO ensures that the most suitable foreign language equivalents of keywords are chosen.

Submission to Search Engines

Our SEO lineup is responsible for submitting and registering the website and pages to both paid and free search engines and directory listings.


complete reports such as site positioning, page ranking, link popularity, log analysis, site traffic, directory and article submission etc are generated on a monthly and quarterly basis thereby enabling clients to manage and track the rankings of their websites.


To keep up top ranking for websites, As a SEO Specialist in Bangalore , we continuously monitor these websites and make suitable modifications and resubmit the same as and when required.


Providers of SEO Services in Bangalore, we offer SEM, Search Engine Marketing, PPC Service also. Pay per click (Ad Words in Google and Overture in Yahoo) is a search engine marketing method through which payments are finished on the basis of number of clicks (the number of visitors accessing the specified website) via the specified links. Websites can propose on keywords or search terms and get listed for those keywords in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These are also identified as sponsored links. The ranking of websites within the sponsored links is based on number of clicks to the website. Our SEO experts aid clients in identifying the best keywords and placing bids for the same, in search engines. Weekly reports detailing click-through and site traffic are generated and sent to clients thereby enabling effective monitoring.


E-mail marketing is a search engine marketing technique to increase website awareness and exposure, in order to raise in site traffic. Valuable e-mail marketing involves researching and identifying a potential customer base, for the products and services on offer, and targeting them via e-mail and newsletter campaigns. At IDI SEO , SEO Experts in Bangalore , we perform detailed research to identify the target customer base and create effective campaigns that enable clients to build brand awareness, enhance relationships with customers and reach out to potential customers in a cost effective manner.


Banner ads for search engine marketing are a method of increasing website publicity and traffic by exchanging ads with other websites. It demands embedding an advertisement into the web pages and linking it to the web site of the promoter. The services provides by IDISEO include: creation of the banner ads, contacting the relevant web masters to exchange ads, and generating detailed monthly reports for site traffic etc.


Affiliate marketing is a method by which advertisers pay website owners (affiliates), a commission for every sale generated when a customer was directed to their site from the affiliate's site. IDISEO offers clients the opportunity to run associate programs and help them in monitoring and tracking members of the affiliate program. We present promotion services such as e-mail marketing to increase awareness about the affiliate program. Detailed reports regarding payments, revenue, site traffic as a result of the affiliate program etc are generated at regular intervals.

SEO Packages in Bangalore

IDI INFOTECH is a leading SEO Company in Bangalore; We Offer Cheap SEO Packages, SEO Packages in Affordable SEO Pricing, Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Services in Cost effective prices, Online Marketing Services to clients across all business sectors and companies in Bangalore.

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